A Great Machine!

I own an ECHO Bear Cat 75311 (SC3342) Chipper/Shredder. (A great machine.) I have owned it for five years. This is a great working & beautifully designed piece of machinery. I change the shredder knives ever couple of years because I shred a lot of leaves for composting every year.

I usually process about 10 - 12 yards of chopped leaves each fall. The 75311 (SC3342) Chipper/Shredder chops them up just great. After rotting down, I end up with 5 - 6 yards of great soil for the garden. All made possible by my ECHO Bear Cat chipper/shredder. Couldn't be without it. It really is one great machine. 

Michael A.
Hamden, CT



* Prices are manufacturer suggested retail prices. Actual selling prices are set by individual stores and may vary by region

22 Ton Log Splitter

Up to 22 tons of cutting force with horizontal and vertical operating positions

MSRP $1,899 *
27 Ton Log Splitter

Up to 27 tons of cutting force with horizontal and vertical operating positions.

MSRP $2,299 *
5 Inch Chipper

5" skid steer chipper

MSRP $8,595 *
6 Inch Chipper

Hook up and get chipping!

MSRP $19,995 *
6 Inch Chipper

6 inch hydraulic feed chipper with 720cc Subaru engine.

MSRP $14,395 *
8 Inch Chipper

8" Portable Powerhouse!

MSRP $11,495 *
8 Inch Chipper

8 inch hydraulic feed, with 360 degree turntable design.

MSRP $15,895 *
8 Inch Chipper

Commercial quality 8 inch chipper!

MSRP $16,995 *
9 Inch Chipper

Heavy duty construction with two engine options!

MSRP $21,995 *
9 Inch Chipper

Heavy-duty steel and two engine options!

MSRP $25,995 *
Chipper/Shredder 1-speed Blower for SC5540

Taking end product material to new heights.

MSRP $999 *
Stump Grinder

Eliminate stumps from your landscape fast.

MSRP $2,999 *
Wheeled Trimmer

The ECHO Bear Cat WT189 Wheeled Trimmer can churn through the heaviest weeds or lightly trim around delicate landscaping.

MSRP $529 *