Impressed Family & Friends!

My family and friends were awed and a bit jealous of my new SC3265 chipper/shredder. One friend had recently thought about purchasing a different brand, and lamented that it could handle no more that 1" diameter. Family members have threatened to bring yard trimmings over.

Kathie S.
Glendale, AZ



ECHO Bear Cat manufactures high quality, reliable Chipper/Shredders that will efficiently reduce yard debris, all while helping you be kind to the environment. ECHO Bear Cat Chipper/Shredder work well for brush and tree pruning, yard clean up, brush and hedge up-keep and creating compost and mulch.

* Prices are manufacturer suggested retail prices. Actual selling prices are set by individual stores and may vary by region

2 Inch Chipper/Shredder

Perfect fit for homeowners!

MSRP $749 *
3 Inch Chipper/Shredder

Built to handle the job!

MSRP $1,099 *
3 Inch Chipper/Shredder

Built with power and solid construction!

MSRP $1,899 *
3 Inch Chipper/Shredder

A machine that lasts!

MSRP $1,599 *
3 Inch Chipper/Shredder

3" chipper/shredder with electric start.

MSRP $1,799 *
3 Inch Chipper/Shredder

Big power, big results!

MSRP $1,999 *
5 Inch Chipper/Shredder/Blower

Increase speed and production with a blower!

MSRP $7,995 *