Long Lasting!

Without my old ECHO Bear Cat I wouldn't be anywhere near as far along in our weed-whacking (we live in a high fire danger zone). Both the wheels on my new DR have failed and the mow ball (plastic) didn't last more than 20 hours before being worn out. Your new thick steel mow ball is the only thing that makes sense if you have land with a lot of rocks - it will outlast me probably. The 3-speed trans have never skipped a beat while my DR only has one speed. The ECHO Bear Cat wheels are still working fine. The ECHO Bear Cat wheels  are larger which makes it easier to go over bumps, ect. As of now, it looks like buying the DR was a mistake.

Jim H.
Grass Valley, CA



An ECHO Bear Cat Debris Loader allows commercial operators, municipalities and golf course workers to quickly pick up leaves, grass and other light debris and load it into the back of a truck at the same time.

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8 Inch Debris Loader

Strong and Dependable!

MSRP $3,199 *
10 Inch Debris Loader

Easy to attach and able to do big jobs!

MSRP $3,695 *
12 Inch Debris Loader

Get the job done fast and efficient!

MSRP $4,995 *
12 Inch Debris Loader

Improved productivity!

MSRP $5,495 *