A Truly Superb Product!

I just picked up the SC3206 and was concerned it would be underpowered compared to my previous 10hp and up machines. No way. Heavy flywheel makes this machine run like butter. The vertical orientation of the shredder shoot accepts my garden debris way better than my previous machines and you can't beat the small footprint in the garage. Thanks for a truly superb product.

Christopher T.
Moss Beach, CA



* Prices are manufacturer suggested retail prices. Actual selling prices are set by individual stores and may vary by region

12 Tooth Cutter Replacement Kit

Carbide cutting tooth replacement kit.

MSRP $195 *
2 5/16 Inch Replacement Coupler

Replacement coupler for large towable chippers.

MSRP $154 *
2 inch Replacement Coupler

2" Replacement Coupler

MSRP $155 *
2-Wheel Tow Kit

Tow Kit for all 3" chipper/shredders

MSRP $195 *
3 inch Chipper/Shredder Trailer

Portability adds convenience and time savings.

MSRP $625 *
3 inch SC Trailer Adapter Kits

Trailer adapter kits for use with older 3 inch chipper/shredders.

MSRP $40 *
Addtional Shredder Knives Kit 77618-00

Additional Knives Kit for SC2170.

MSRP $60 *
Adjustable Feed Speed Sensor Kit

Use on your ECHO Bear Cat CH6730H

MSRP $195 *
Blade Kit 70738

Replacement blade kit

MSRP $55 *
Blade Kit 72493-00

Replacement blade kit

MSRP $110 *
Blade Kit 74830-00

Replacement blade kit for CHF9540H

MSRP $265 *
Blade Kit 76293-00

Replacement Blade Kit

MSRP $265 *
Blade Kit 76295-00

Replacement blade kit

MSRP $125 *
Blower Attachment for 3 inch chipper/shredders

Great addition to your ECHO Bear Cat Chipper/Shredder

MSRP $595 *
Chipper Discharge Chute

Truck loading chute for 4" chippers.

MSRP $240 *
Chipper Low Profile Side Discharge

Low Profile Discharge Chute

MSRP $220 *
Chipper/Shredder 1-speed Blower for SC5540

Taking end product material to new heights.

MSRP $999 *
Chipper/Shredder 2-speed Blower for SC5540

A professional grade blower attachment.

MSRP $2,299 *
Chipper/Shredder Debris Screens

Find which debris screen is best for your chipper/shredder.

MSRP $50 *
Debris Bag with Handles

Debris bag for use with all ground discharging machines.

MSRP $65 *
Debris Loader Horizontal Chute Extension

Great addition to your ECHO Bear Cat Debris Loader

MSRP $164 *
Debris Loader Light Kit

Mountable light kit to make working in low-light hours safer and easier.

MSRP $165 *
Debris Loader Liner Replacement Kit for 12 Inch Models

Liner replacement kit for 12" Debris Loaders

MSRP $95 *
Debris Loader Liner Replacement Kit for 8 or 10 Inch Models

Wear liner replacement parts for 8 & 10 inch Debris Loaders.

MSRP $80 *
Debris Loader Swing-Away Hitch Mount Kit

A great addition to your ECHO Bear Cat Debris Loader

MSRP $715 *
Debris Loader Tailgate Mount Kit

Tailgate mount for 8 or 10 inch Debris Loaders.

MSRP $225 *
Debris Loader Towable Trailer Kit

Make transporting your Debris Loader simple!

MSRP $1,399 *
Debris Loader Vertical Chute Extension

Take your discharge to new heights!

MSRP $154 *
Diesel Tachometer

Tachometer for Diesel Engine Models

MSRP $175 *
Electric Brakes

Optional electric brake kit for 9" towable chippers

MSRP $468 *
Fine Chip Rotor Kit

Make the most of your ECHO Bear Cat Chipper

MSRP $1,795 *
Fine Debris Screen

Fine Debris Screen for SC5540 - .375" Part # - 70703

MSRP $220 *
Gas Tachometer

Tachometer for all gas powered engine models

MSRP $49 *
Knee Bars - Chipper

Knee bars available for most ECHO Bear Cat chippers.

MSRP $795 *
Leaf Tamper

For use with 2 and 3 inch machines

MSRP $44 *
Log Splitter 4-Way Wedge Kit

4-Way Wedge Kit is available for both LS22 and LS27.

MSRP $175 *
Log Splitter Fenders and Tail Lights Kit

Make your log splitter road ready with this kit

MSRP $245 *
Log Splitter Log Cradle

Prevents logs from falling to the ground after cutting

MSRP $85 *
Log Splitter Quick Split Kit

Shorten your work time with this Quick Split Kit

MSRP $245 *
Medium Debris Screen

Medium Debris Screen for SC5540 - .75" Part # - 75031

MSRP $170 *
Optional Shredder Knives Kit 77618-00

Optional Shredder Knives Kit Part # 77618-00

MSRP $60 *
Pintle Hitch

Pintle Hitch Option for Large Towable Chippers (Serial # 700699 & above)

MSRP $131 *
SC2170 Chipper/Shredder Screens

Screen Options for SC2170 Chipper/Shredder 76893-35 - .75” Fine 76758-35 - 1.13” Standard 77639-35 - Wet Debris

MSRP $32 *
Shredder Knives Kit 70972

Shredder Knife Kit for SC5540 and SC5540B

MSRP $295 *
Shredder Knives Kit 70973

Shredder Knives Kit for SC3265, SC3342, SC3305 & SC3305E

MSRP $155 *
Shredder Knives Kit 77589-00

Shredder Knives Kit for SC3206

MSRP $138 *
Shredder Knives Kit 77613-00

Shredder Knives Kit for SC5720B

MSRP $275 *
Shredder Knives Kit 77616-00

SC2170 Shredder Knives Kit

MSRP $85 *
Spare Tire Kit

Spare Tire Kit for CH611DH

MSRP $176 *
Vacuum Hose Attachment for SC5540

This Vacuum Hose System must be used in conjunction with the 2-speed commercial blower kit, part # 71110.

MSRP $799 *
Weatherproof Kit

Protect your investment with this weatherproof kit.

MSRP $95 *
Wet Debris Screen

Wet Debris Screen for SC5540 Part # - 70559

MSRP $170 *
Wheeled Vacuum Hose Kit

Hose kit for your ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum

MSRP $190 *
Wheeled Vacuum - Replacement Bag

Replacement Debris Bag for Wheeled Vacuums

MSRP $149 *
Wheeled Vacuum Castor Wheel Kit

A great addition to your ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum

MSRP $119 *
Wheeled Vacuum Liner

Replacement wear liner for Wheeled Vacuums

MSRP $49 *
Wheeled Vacuum Nozzle Wear Plate

Wear plate kit for ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuums

MSRP $49 *