Amazing Machine!

The SC3265 chipper/shredder is easy to use and move around to the brush that you are chipping. It does not take up a lot of space in the garage. Great tool for chipping up limbs into mulch!

Simmey B
Repton, AL



* Prices are manufacturer suggested retail prices. Actual selling prices are set by individual stores and may vary by region

12 Tooth Cutter Replacement Kit

Carbide cutting tooth replacement kit.

MSRP $195 *
2 5/16 Inch Replacement Coupler

Replacement coupler for large towable chippers.

MSRP $154 *
2 inch Replacement Coupler

2" Replacement Coupler

MSRP $155 *
2-Wheel Tow Kit

Tow Kit for all 3" chipper/shredders

MSRP $195 *
3 inch Chipper/Shredder Trailer

Portability adds convenience and time savings.

MSRP $625 *
3 inch SC Trailer Adapter Kits

Trailer adapter kits for use with older 3 inch chipper/shredders.

MSRP $40 *
Addtional Shredder Knives Kit 77618-00

Additional Knives Kit for SC2170.

MSRP $60 *
Adjustable Feed Speed Sensor Kit

Use on your ECHO Bear Cat CH6730H

MSRP $195 *
Blade Kit 70738

Replacement blade kit

MSRP $55 *
Blade Kit 72493-00

Replacement blade kit

MSRP $110 *
Blade Kit 74830-00

Replacement blade kit for CHF9540H

MSRP $265 *
Blade Kit 76293-00

Replacement Blade Kit

MSRP $265 *
Blade Kit 76295-00

Replacement blade kit

MSRP $125 *
Blower Attachment for 3 inch chipper/shredders

Great addition to your ECHO Bear Cat Chipper/Shredder

MSRP $595 *
Chipper Discharge Chute

Truck loading chute for 4" chippers.

MSRP $240 *
Chipper Low Profile Side Discharge

Low Profile Discharge Chute

MSRP $220 *
Chipper/Shredder 1-speed Blower for SC5540

Taking end product material to new heights.

MSRP $999 *
Chipper/Shredder 2-speed Blower for SC5540

A professional grade blower attachment.

MSRP $2,299 *
Chipper/Shredder Debris Screens

Find which debris screen is best for your chipper/shredder.

MSRP $50 *
Debris Bag with Handles

Debris bag for use with all ground discharging machines.

MSRP $65 *
Debris Loader Horizontal Chute Extension

Great addition to your ECHO Bear Cat Debris Loader

MSRP $164 *
Debris Loader Light Kit

Mountable light kit to make working in low-light hours safer and easier.

MSRP $165 *
Debris Loader Liner Replacement Kit for 12 Inch Models

Liner replacement kit for 12" Debris Loaders

MSRP $95 *
Debris Loader Liner Replacement Kit for 8 or 10 Inch Models

Wear liner replacement parts for 8 & 10 inch Debris Loaders.

MSRP $80 *
Debris Loader Swing-Away Hitch Mount Kit

A great addition to your ECHO Bear Cat Debris Loader

MSRP $715 *
Debris Loader Tailgate Mount Kit

Tailgate mount for 8 or 10 inch Debris Loaders.

MSRP $225 *
Debris Loader Towable Trailer Kit

Make transporting your Debris Loader simple!

MSRP $1,399 *
Debris Loader Vertical Chute Extension

Take your discharge to new heights!

MSRP $154 *
Diesel Tachometer

Tachometer for Diesel Engine Models

MSRP $175 *
Electric Brakes

Optional electric brake kit for 9" towable chippers

MSRP $468 *
Fine Chip Rotor Kit

Make the most of your ECHO Bear Cat Chipper

MSRP $1,795 *
Fine Debris Screen

Fine Debris Screen for SC5540 - .375" Part # - 70703

MSRP $220 *
Gas Tachometer

Tachometer for all gas powered engine models

MSRP $49 *
Knee Bars - Chipper

Knee bars available for most ECHO Bear Cat chippers.

MSRP $795 *
Leaf Tamper

For use with 2 and 3 inch machines

MSRP $44 *
Log Splitter 4-Way Wedge Kit

4-Way Wedge Kit is available for both LS22 and LS27.

MSRP $175 *
Log Splitter Fenders and Tail Lights Kit

Make your log splitter road ready with this kit

MSRP $245 *
Log Splitter Log Cradle

Prevents logs from falling to the ground after cutting

MSRP $85 *
Log Splitter Quick Split Kit

Shorten your work time with this Quick Split Kit

MSRP $245 *
Medium Debris Screen

Medium Debris Screen for SC5540 - .75" Part # - 75031

MSRP $170 *
Optional Shredder Knives Kit 77618-00

Optional Shredder Knives Kit Part # 77618-00

MSRP $60 *
Pintle Hitch

Pintle Hitch Option for Large Towable Chippers (Serial # 700699 & above)

MSRP $131 *
SC2170 Chipper/Shredder Screens

Screen Options for SC2170 Chipper/Shredder 76893-35 - .75” Fine 76758-35 - 1.13” Standard 77639-35 - Wet Debris

MSRP $32 *
Shredder Knives Kit 70972

Shredder Knife Kit for SC5540 and SC5540B

MSRP $295 *
Shredder Knives Kit 70973

Shredder Knives Kit for SC3265, SC3342, SC3305 & SC3305E

MSRP $155 *
Shredder Knives Kit 77589-00

Shredder Knives Kit for SC3206

MSRP $138 *
Shredder Knives Kit 77613-00

Shredder Knives Kit for SC5720B

MSRP $275 *
Shredder Knives Kit 77616-00

SC2170 Shredder Knives Kit

MSRP $85 *
Spare Tire Kit

Spare Tire Kit for CH611DH

MSRP $176 *
Vacuum Hose Attachment for SC5540

This Vacuum Hose System must be used in conjunction with the 2-speed commercial blower kit, part # 71110.

MSRP $799 *
Weatherproof Kit

Protect your investment with this weatherproof kit.

MSRP $95 *
Wet Debris Screen

Wet Debris Screen for SC5540 Part # - 70559

MSRP $170 *
Wheeled Vacuum Hose Kit

Hose kit for your ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum

MSRP $190 *
Wheeled Vacuum - Replacement Bag

Replacement Debris Bag for Wheeled Vacuums

MSRP $149 *
Wheeled Vacuum Castor Wheel Kit

A great addition to your ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuum

MSRP $119 *
Wheeled Vacuum Liner

Replacement wear liner for Wheeled Vacuums

MSRP $49 *
Wheeled Vacuum Nozzle Wear Plate

Wear plate kit for ECHO Bear Cat Wheeled Vacuums

MSRP $49 *