Works Effortlessly!

The ECHO Bear Cat SC3265 is forgiving, even when some things are done "wrong" (e.g., stuffing too many dried leaves in to the chute instead of letting them self-feed). It effectively chipped and shredded everything effortlessly - freshly pulled weeds, dry and wet leaves, dry and wet branches of all sizes up to 3" diameter (plus a little), and old lumber (1x1, 2x2). We talked with a local dealer who says she has sold several SC3265 ECHO Bear Cat models, and has had no complaints or returns.

Kathie S.
Glendale, AZ



Wheeled Trimmer .155 String

Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment.


Round, 10 pack
Part # 72780

Round, 1 lb. Donut
Part # 12390

Square, 10 pack
Part # 72779

Square, 1 lb. Donut
Part # 12391

Prices vary by part number and size