A Great Machine!

I own an ECHO Bear Cat 75311 (SC3342) Chipper/Shredder. (A great machine.) I have owned it for five years. This is a great working & beautifully designed piece of machinery. I change the shredder knives ever couple of years because I shred a lot of leaves for composting every year.

I usually process about 10 - 12 yards of chopped leaves each fall. The 75311 (SC3342) Chipper/Shredder chops them up just great. After rotting down, I end up with 5 - 6 yards of great soil for the garden. All made possible by my ECHO Bear Cat chipper/shredder. Couldn't be without it. It really is one great machine. 

Michael A.
Hamden, CT



Enhance the usage of your tractor by investing in an ECHO Bear Cat PTO Chipper or Chipper/Shredder. You will benefit from the same rugged, reliable features on the engine powered chippers and chipper/shredders.

* Prices are manufacturer suggested retail prices. Actual selling prices are set by individual stores and may vary by region

4.5 Inch PTO Chipper

Ready to work!

MSRP $2,799 *
5 Inch PTO Chipper

Built tough and strong for all kinds of job!

MSRP $4,195 *
5 Inch PTO Chipper

With a hydraulic feed this makes work seem simple!

MSRP $8,095 *
5 Inch PTO Chipper/Shredder

New Pricing for 2014 on our most popular PTO model chipper/shredder.

MSRP $2,995 *
5 Inch PTO Chipper/Shredder/Blower

Perfect for so many tough jobs!

MSRP $4,495 *
8 Inch PTO Chipper

More work, less time!

MSRP $6,995 *
9 Inch PTO Chipper

Orchard cleanup has never been easier!

MSRP $11,495 *
9 Inch PTO Chipper

Hard working chippers!

MSRP $10,895 *