Long Lasting!

Without my old ECHO Bear Cat I wouldn't be anywhere near as far along in our weed-whacking (we live in a high fire danger zone). Both the wheels on my new DR have failed and the mow ball (plastic) didn't last more than 20 hours before being worn out. Your new thick steel mow ball is the only thing that makes sense if you have land with a lot of rocks - it will outlast me probably. The 3-speed trans have never skipped a beat while my DR only has one speed. The ECHO Bear Cat wheels are still working fine. The ECHO Bear Cat wheels  are larger which makes it easier to go over bumps, ect. As of now, it looks like buying the DR was a mistake.

Jim H.
Grass Valley, CA



SG340 Stump Grinder

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MSRP $2,999

A 340cc Honda OHV engine will let you grind down stubborn tree stumps in mere minutes when you fire up a stump grinder from ECHO Bear Cat.

Because the design is so compact, you can get the 12 hardened carbide cutting teeth next to building foundations, sidewalks and other fixed objects. Only 23 inches [58cm] wide, it will fit into any yard.

The single wheel brake allows the operator to pivot the cutting head across the surface of the stump as it holds a fixed position, while a screen-covered opening provides a clear view of the cutting action. Power transfer from the engine is through a field-proven, double banded belt drive.

Large pneumatic tires take much of the effort out of changing locations and heavy duty sealed bearings keep these machines working for years.

L x W x H (In.)
52 x 23 x 44
Weight (lbs.)
Drive Belt
Start Type
Honda GXV
Fuel Type
Wheel Base (In.)

How difficult is it to perform maintenance on the machine?
ECHO Bear Cat products are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Proper maintenance is vital and should be performed routinely with blades, belts and bearings being most important.
How do I engage the Stump Grinder?
Position the stump grinder so the cutter head is adjacent to the stump. Start the stump grinder and hold up the bottom bail so it doesn't shut off. Pull the top bail to the handle and hold it there to activate the left wheel brake, holding it so it does not turn. Gradually, using the locked left tire as a pivot point, slowly pivot the cutter head until the cutting teeth contact the stump. Pivot the stump grinder on the left wheel in a slow, smooth sweeping motion from left to right as the teeth grind the stump. Do not force the cutting teeth. Check position by watching through the screen opening. Grind the stump down to a maximum of 4 inches below ground level.
What is the application of the Stump Grinder?
The ECHO Bear Cat Stump Grinder is designed with a compact 23" wheel base, enabling it to be used on stumps found in places large stump grinders cannot get to.